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Partners & Media Partners for POOL Magazine
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POOL is forever looking to partner events, festivals, publications, new projects and dynamic people, in their endeavor to bring visibility to contemporary design in India.

Do get in touch with us and we shall tailor a program to Partner with You.

Events / Festivals / Conferences
POOL is happy to partner and provide a platform to communicate with a global design community. POOL can carry your announcements, program details, articles and pictures in POOL magazine and on our social media channels. An event logo link will be placed on the POOL website. In exchange we ask for a logo/link on the event website, backdrops, communication and passes, tickets and stay for our team to attend the event.

Publications / Blogs / Websites
POOL is happy to provide logo-link and url in POOL magazine’s ‘Partner’ area in exchange for our logo-link in your publication and on your websites and blogs. This partnership is offered on an annual basis.

Institutions / Organizations
POOL is happy to partner with Institutions and Organizations on an annual basis. POOL shall use the logo-link of the institution on its website and publications and provide coverage to the activities of the institutions in exchange for visibility on their website.

POOL is happy to enlist interested people from related areas as “friends of POOL”. This listing will be made public on the POOL website and may be published in the POOL annual issues. Friends shall often be asked to write, quote or provide information and credited accordingly in the POOL magazine and website.

Studios / Projects
POOL is happy to become partners with studios and projects on longterm basis. POOL shall provide advertising space and articles on important projects. POOL shall provide a logo link to the studio/project website on an ongoing basis. In exchange POOL will charge a yearly fee.

POOL is a sponsored publication. We seek sponsors and patrons from the corporate and commercial world to financially contribute towards POOL. In exchange we provide a set of advertisements in the POOL magazine, We showcase their logo on the masthead of the magazine and put a logo-link on the website. Sponsorship is on yearly basis.